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Import / Export Factoring Companies

Invoice Factoring for Businesses That Import or Export - Any business that engages in importing or exporting understands the concerns and complexities of extending credit to overseas customers. The financial issues involved include:

  • If I extend credit to my customer in a foreign country, how do I know that I will get paid?
  • Do I really know if my customer is honest and reputable?
  • If I am importing from overseas, why won't my vendor extend me credit and give me payment terms?

This is where an invoice factoring firm that specializes in import/export factoring can be an asset to your business. Factoring companies that work in the import/export arena generally work with correspondent factors in foreign countries to help facilitate factoring transactions in most countries around the world. The factoring companies work together to ensure that the financial aspect of an import or export financial transaction is smooth and seamless to the parties on both ends of the transaction.

Factors specializing in this industry offer many services ranging from a typical factoring arrangement to issuing letters of credit. Finding the right invoice factoring company for your import or export transactions will ensure that you improve your cash flow while maintaining a solid relationship with your overseas customer or vendor.

Dantova LLC
How we operate is very simple... Dantova is in the business of helping small businesses get the fina... Read More About Dantova LLC Request a quote
Rate Min Max Location
Please Request a Quote N/A N/A Helena, MT
Factoring Company
We build a custom factoring program tailored to your business and customer base. You will find that ... Read More About Factoring Company Request a quote
Rate Min Max Location
2% 10,000 1,000,000 Spokane, WA
GrowCo Factoring & Financial
GrowCo Factoring & Financial provides invoice factoring, accounts receivable, purchase order, invent... Read More About GrowCo Factoring & Financial Request a quote
Rate Min Max Location
.59% 1,000 5,000,000 Houston, TX
Capital Quotes LLC
Low cost invoice factoring provider. We can provide factoring rate quotes in minutes with no applica... Read More About Capital Quotes LLC Request a quote
Rate Min Max Location
.59% to 3% 5,000 20,000,000 Cleveland, OH
Fostrian Business Capital Corporation
The foundation of Fostrian's corporate culture is client service. We take seriously our responsibil... Read More About Fostrian Business Capital Corporation Request a quote
Rate Min Max Location
Request Quote $75,000 $2,000,000 Palos Heights, IL
Capital Partners
Capital Partners is the leader in providing a quick low-cost financial solution to ANY BUSINESS that... Read More About Capital Partners Request a quote
Rate Min Max Location
1% - 5% 2,500 5,000,000 San Diego, CA
Amerex Financial Services Inc.
Located in San Diego and Mexico City, we help companies located in Mexico and United States to incre... Read More About Amerex Financial Services Inc. Request a quote
Rate Min Max Location
2 50,000 NO MAX San Diego, CA

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